Talktosonic Not Working

Many customers had faced issues with portal. Some of the most common problems they face while accessing sonic customer survey program are listed below.
  1. Survey ID not valid
  2. Printing issues (like., Store Number is not printed on the purchase receipt)
  3. Website is not loading
  4. Invalid/Expired Coupon code.

1) Survey ID not valid :

If you face any problem with your survey id not get validated, check the rules page. You can use the Survey id only ONCE.

2) Printing issues :

If you have a receipt where the survey id or store number is not clear, we recommend you to contact the cashier or store manager and request a new receipt.

3) Website is not loading :

In case if you are having a problem with accessing the website, we recommend you to reload the page one more time.


Wait a few minutes/hours and try reloading the page once again.

As they had partnered with SMG, it may be because of huge traffic. So follow the above steps.

4) Invalid/Expired Coupon code :

Having any problem with coupon code, then it is because of the validity. The coupon code which is generated is only valid for 60 days. You have to use that coupon within 60 days from the date of printing.